Short-Term Protection Programs

Kop-Coat Wood Preservation Business Units offer Industry-Leading, Customized Short-Term Programs to Protect Fresh Sawn Lumber, Logs, Chips, and Pallets. These Short-Term Programs are designed to provide protection from wood enemies while in transit, in resale, and during construction.

These Programs include Patented, Patent Pending, and Innovative Treatment Technologies to impart anti-fungal, anti-insect, and other protectant molecules onto wooden articles.

Kop-Coat Protection Products Global Wood Protection Programs Continue to Build the World the Durable Wood Products. These technologies include 4 Generations of Sapstain and Mold Control Products all utilized across the Global Wood Market. These technologies include:

  • NP-1® and NP-2® Family
  • Bazooka® Sapstain and Mold Control Product Family
  • Workhorse® Sapstain and Mold Control Product Family
  • AXT® Family
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Short Term Protection Table