WoodYouth® Plus

Product Overview

WoodYouth® Plus is a state-of-the-art and unique  blend of high-performance dimensional stabilizers used to protect wood products from moisture changes that may impact the intended physical properties.

WoodYouth® Plus rapidly penetrates into the wood’s cellular structure, allowing the dimensional stabilizers to adhere to the water-loving cellulose.  The product mitigates the effects of moisture which reduces dimensional changes that cause swelling, warping, checking, and splitting.  WoodYouth® Plus treated wood can be laminated with all industrial adhesive technologies and accept all industrial stain and finish systems.

Product Use

WoodYouth® Plus is the premier dimensional stabilization treatment product for sliced, sawn, and rotary hardwood and softwood veneer, flooring components, decorative and structural panels, furniture and cabinet parts, window and door parts, exterior decking and other above ground wood articles, and engineered mass timbers. 

Application/Finishing Information 

Contact Kop-Coat Protection Products-TDS Engineering Division for custom designed veneer treatment equipment. 

Contact Kop-Coat Products for more general post-application finishing information. 


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