Engineered Wood, Panels, and Composites Protection Programs

Kop-Coat Wood Preservation Business Units offer State-of-the-Art Programs to Protect Engineered Wood, Panels, and Composites.  The Durable Programs are designed to provide protection for the life of the wood product.

These Programs include Patented, Patent Pending, and Innovative Treatment Technologies to impart anti-fungal, anti-insect, and other protectant molecules into wooden articles.    

Kop-Coat Protection Products Global Wood Protection Programs Continue to Build the World with Durable Wood Products.  These technologies allow for the treatment of these articles via:

  • Integral Treatment using the TRU-CORE®Process Technology
  • Treatment of the wood feedstock
  • Treatment of the finished article in final shape and form using the TRU-CORE®Process Technology

Kop-Coat Protection Products also offers Commodity “Glueline” Products marketed by their competitors.   

Wood Panels Engineered Wood LVL