Moisture Control Products

Kop-Coat Wood Preservation Business Units offer Moisture Control Programs to Protect Solid Wood, Engineered Wood, Panels, and Composites from water damage and drying stresses

These Programs include Patented, Patent Pending, and Innovative Products to protect articles from moisture and drying damage.

Kop-Coat Protection Products Global Wood Protection Programs Continue to Build the World with Durable Wood Products.  These technologies include:

  • DRIWRAP® Family of Surface Barrier Protectants for Kiln-Dried and Air-Dried articles to protect against Water and Mold
  • Weather Resistant System (WRS™) Family of Semi-Permeable Membrane Barriers for Green Lumber
  • WoodYouth® Clear Water Repellent and Dimensional Stabilizer for Kiln Dried Wood Articles
  • LOG SEALER™ Water Based Sealer to Protect Wood Articles Against Warping, Swelling, Checking, and Splitting of Logs and Lumber
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Moisture Control Table