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Tru-Core® Decay Resistance

Tru-Core solid wood decay resistance comparison   Tru-Core OSB decay resistance comparison

The laboratory tests pictured above demonstrate how effectively Tru-Core® protects oriented strand board (OSB). In each case, the Tru-Core® treated wood is the sample on the right. All samples were exposed to identical severe decay conditions.

The chart below reports the results of the American Wood Preservers Association E-10 Soil Block test performed independently by Mississippi State University. In this test, untreated samples of solid wood, OSB, and Tru-Core® treated OSB were exposed to severe decay conditions. Both untreated samples were seriously decayed whereas the Tru-Core® sample was essentially untouched. In this test, decay is measured in the form of wood weight loss.

Decay Resistance (G. Trabeum)

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