Kop-Coat Wood Protection
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 Stop Mold, Rot and Termite Problems!

Protecting Structural Panels, Composites and All Engineered Wood Against Mold, Decay, Termites and Water Damage

Un-retouched photos show the typical differences between Kop-Coat protected wood products and unprotected wood products. These matched samples were subjected to identical severe molding conditions under controlled laboratory procedures.

Structural Panels, Composites and Kiln-Dried Wood

Composite Panel Protection
Integral Protection with "Woodlife is Inside"
For protection throughout against termites, mold and water. The perfect answer for long-term protection against the enemies of wood. Look for the "Woodlife is Inside" trademark – your assurance of customer satisfaction.


Kiln-Dried Protection
Surface Protection with DriWrap®
For application to kiln-dried framing, trusses, beams, LVL and wall units. DriWrap provides a breathable barrier that resists mold and water damage during transportation, construction and longer.


Specify Wood Products Protected with the Woodlife™ or DriWrap Protection Systems.


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