Kop-Coat Wood Protection
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 Panels/Composites and Engineered Wood

Protecting Structural Panels, Composites and All Engineered Wood Against Mold, Decay, Termites and Water Damage

Unretouched photos show typical differences between Kop-Coat protected wood products and unprotected wood products. These matched samples were subjected to identical severe molding conditions under controlled laboratory procedures.


Integral Systems for Panels

imageThe "Woodlife is Inside" system provides broad range protection throughout the panel to protect against mold, rot, termites and water damage. This in-process application of protective additives to strands, chips, furnish and veneers before pressing is readily adaptable to all processes. The "Woodlife is Inside" label tells buyers everywhere that long lasting full protection is included in all products labeled "Woodlife is Inside."

Barrier Systems for All Wood Products

These systems include the "DriWrap" brand product line as well as custom formulations which provide effective "post process" surface protection to panels and all engineered wood products.

imageDriWrap System – This microporous barrier is protected against both mold and water damage. It is normally applied in high-speed in-line systems.

Pressure Treatment for Architectural Products

The TRIB® treated wood system is a post-manufacture application provided by a treating service. TRIB combines both Formosan termite and rot protection in a solvent-based carrier for dimensional stability. This system is approved by the Hawaiian building code. Nearly 85% of the high value architectural products are TRIB treated and no Formosan termite attack on it has been identified in over 15 years of use there.

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