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 Millwork Protection Products

The wood treating experts at Kop-Coat have solutions for you. We know from laboratory tests and field experience that the best way to protect exterior wood from decay is to treat it with a water-repellent wood preservative after all machining is completed and before it is primed. Wood windows and doors need protection. Doorframes are especially vulnerable to decay because of their close proximity to the ground.

Kop-Coat offers wide range of water repellent wood preservatives that are registered and approved. For protection against termites, beetles and other insects, Kop-Coat's Timbertreat® 15WT Insect Control Products should be added. All of these products are environmentally responsible and have excellent safety profiles.


Woodlife® Wood Preservatives are fast drying formulations of the fungicide IPBC with water repellents. Woodlife products are available in either solvent or water based carriers.

The Woodlife family of products also includes Woodlife F-15WT which is the standard millwork preservative with insecticide added.

Woodtreat® Wood Preservatives: This product line has similar active ingredients to the Woodlife solvent based family but contains added ingredients for enhanced paintability.

Both Woodlife and Woodtreat Preservatives are EPA-registered and approved by the Window and Door Manufacturers Association and recognized by the American Wood Preservers Association. They are available in ready to use and concentrated form.

Timbertreat® 15WT Insect Control is an effective insecticide concentrate which controls termites, beetles and other insects. It is dilutable with mineral spirits or water and may be mixed with all Woodlife and Woodtreat Preservatives.

Woodlife® 111 is a ready-to-use combination of three active fungicides for broadened protection. Woodlife 111 provides nearly five times the protection of traditional millwork preservatives on pine and meets the Window and Door Manufacturers Association requirements for treating hardwood lumber as well. It is an excellent choice for hardwoods and for extra protection on any wood.

These preservative products are available in 275-gallon totes and 55-gallon drums. Several are offered in tanker quantities.

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