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 Kiln-Dried Lumber

Solutions for Bright Lumber™

Programs to help protect lumber and keep it bright during shipping, storage and construction.

A breathable, mold- and water-resistant barrier which is quickly and easily applied to dry lumber

  • DriWrap®* is the most cost efficient protection for kiln dried lumber against mold and water.
  • The spray applied chemical combines water and mold resistance in one unique patented product.
  • The breathable barrier is highly resistant to water damage. Water damage is the major cause of checking, cracking, extractive staining, and mold.
  • The microthin coating contains a patented preservative which creates a barrier that is extremely resistant to mold.
  • The barrier is planable, sandable, and colorless.
  • DriWrap's protective properties come from materials which are used in food packaging and cosmetics.

* DriWrap is not a registered pesticide. However, it does contain an EPA-registered preservative to make the barrier mold and mildew resistant.

Application Equipment

Apply DriWrap and the other Kop-Coat Products through Kop-Coat's simple, highly efficient spray systems. These high-speed applicators are available in a wide array of sizes and configurations. Efficient spray-on protection is virtually drip free, and the protected lumber is quickly dry to the touch.

Kop-Coat EPA-Registered Mold Control Products for Dry Lumber

SSCC™ - Mold control for Dry lumber (Patented)

  • Controls mold in Dry wood products.
  • A unique patented formula specially designed to greatly reduce moisture pickup that occurs with most sapstain control products.
  • A non corrosive formula based on materials used in cosmetics.
  • SSCC can be combined with WRS-3™ Moisture Controller to achieve breathable water control.

NP-1®, NP-1® Plus, and NP-2® - Mold control for Dry and Green Lumber

  • These are the most concentrated, most widely used products in North America for lumber protection
  • They are proven to be the most cost effective systems for Dry and Green lumber for the control of mold and sapstain.
  • All can be combined with WRS-3™ Moisture Controller for breathable water control.
  • All can be combined with brighteners to enhance wood appearance.

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