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“Anti-stain” refers to the treatment of freshly cut lumber and logs to prevent the growth of sapstain, mold, and decay fungi. These fungi degrade the quality of the lumber and thereby reduce its marketability. Financial losses sustained by the forest products industry from the degrading of stained lumber are substantial. Heavy emphasis has been placed on the control of sapstain in logs and in freshly sawn lumber at mills. With many years of commercial experience in over 1,000 sawmills in over thirty countries, Kop-Coat's sapstain control products have an unsurpassed record of environmental compliance and worker safety.

Kop-Coat's Specialty Sapstain Control Products include a number of special purpose concentrates for targeted applications. These include Bazooka® NP-1®, NP-1® Plus, NP-2®, Tanostar™ Advance, SSCC™, SC-2™, and LTC-3™. These proprietary products use patented technologies to provide specific, high performance solutions for anti-stain needs. The technologies in the products promote high performance at reduced costs.

Kop-Coat's other sapstain control products include Woodtreat® P, Woodtreat® XL, Woodtreat® XP, Quat-50™, as well as custom blends of different actives made to customer specifications. This line is marketed to provide customers with familiar anti-stain chemistries at lower prices.

Timbertreat® Insect Control Products provide effective control of wood destroying insects including termites, ants and beetles. They are dilutable with water, mineral spirits or oil. They are applied by dip, spray, brush or pressure methods to lumber, logs, veneer, timbers, particleboard, etc. Timbertreat products may be used with Kop-Coat's anti-stain products.

WRS-3™ Weather Resistance System is a moisture controlling concentrate that reduces checking, cracking, warping and swelling. It can be added to most Kop-Coat sapstain control solutions for enhanced performance.

Enhancement Additives are products that enhance the effectiveness of the treating system. Additives such as Alpha-7 ™, Alpha-8™, Beta-900™, and Delta-2000™ help brighten wood and facilitate application of the treatment.


These performance additives help brighten treated lumber when added to Kop-Coat sapstain control solutions. Choose Alpha-7™, Alpha-700™, or one of the IronFixT™ products for the brightest lumber possible. The choice of iron control product depends upon the equipment used, the species being treated and the Kop-Coat sapstain control product used.

Iron Stain...What is it?

Certain species of lumber contain high levels of tannic acid. These include Red Oak, White Oak, and Douglas Fir. When treating these species, the tannic acid comes into contact with iron to form an iron tannate complex which causes a dark discoloration. The iron comes from the treating tank and from rollers, chains and saws which deposit marks on the lumber. The iron control products tie up the iron tannate complex and make it invisible.

Note: Bazooka®, NP-1®, SSCC™, SC-2™, Tanostar™ Advance, LTC-3™, Alpha™, and Delta™ products are protected by patents in the US, Canada and other countries.

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