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 Bright Green and Dry Lumber

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The following products are designed to protect lumber against mold sapstain, iron stain and insect attack. The best product, or combination of products, for each application depends upon several variables including length of protection period desired, log species and condition, exposure conditions, and budget. Kop-Coat experts will help you chose the best solution for your needs. Call (412) 227-2426 or email to ippd@kop-coat.com.

Bright Green and Dry Lumber
  Alpha™ 7 Performance Additive
  DiamondBrite® Sapstain Control Product
  Enact® Lumber Brightener
  IronFixT™-250 Brightener
  NP-1® Plus Sapstain Control Product
  NP-1® Sapstain Control Product
  NP-1® Star Sapstain Control Product
  Timbertreat® ICP-5 Insect Control Product
  Workhorse® Sapstain and Mold Control

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