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 About Kop-Coat

Kop-Coat Inc. - 90+ Years of Innovation

Kop-Coat combines the cumulative experience of two Fortune 500 companies, Koppers Co., Inc. and RPM International Inc.

Begun in 1907, Koppers became the world’s largest manufacturer of wood preservatives. The innovative Koppers Science and Technology group solved wood preservation challenges in a wide array of market segments around the world. It was this group that developed the a pressure treatment system that spawned North America’s love affair with residential decks. That global technical experience, which includes 20 years working with engineered wood, is invaluable today as Kop-Coat provides solutions to the Composite Panels and Engineered Wood industry.

In 1988 Koppers was divided into several companies. The wood preservation technology for sawmills and manufactured wood was consolidated in Kop-Coat, an acronym for Koppers Coatings. In 1990, Kop-Coat joined the RPM International family of specialty coatings companies, one of America’s largest coatings groups which includes Rust-Oleum, DAP, Carboline, Tremco, and Stonhard. The RPM International gives Kop-Coat access to 40 related technical staffs and over 60 manufacturing sites worldwide. The combination of RPM coatings technology and Koppers wood protection science affords Kop-Coat a unique insight into solutions for wood protection.

A New Mission: In the 1980s, a new wood protection mission was defined.

This mission called for a new range of wood protection products which would put environmental responsibility and worker safety first. Older products were eliminated, and a major research effort was begun to find substitutes. Today all Kop-Coat preservative products meet the highest standards of environmental responsibility and worker safety. These global standards are key to Kop-Coat’s charter to provide forest product producers with turnkey solutions. From Agpro’s nurturing of seedlings in plantations, to the protection of finished wood products in use, Kop-Coat companies are committed to the Forest Products Industry.

Look to Kop-Coat for Wood Protection Leadership in Many Areas:

  • Conversion of North American Millwork markets from penta products to safer, environmentally friendly treatments.
  • Development of effective termite control for millwork.
  • Use of multiple actives for broad spectrum protection of multiple species and engineered wood.
  • NP-1 patented protection of lumber from sapstain attack throughout the world.
  • Composite panels with patented integral protection against decay,termites, and mold.
  • The first pressure treatment to protect engineered wood in tropical environments.
  • A unique breathable barrier for dried wood which is mold and moisture resistant.
  • The world’s first real time field quality assurance measurements of surface treatment quality.
  • Unique techniques to produce uncommonly fine forestry herbicide blends for greater cost efficiency.
  • Broad experience with global government agencies and stakeholders in registration and legislative matters.
  • A commitment to process efficiency which includes specially designed equipment and multifaceted training.
  • A commitment to the quality discipline of ISO 9001-2000.

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